While the company itself began in 1999, the name TaxPanacea wasn’t coined until the first iteration of the website was released in 2005. “Tax” is self-explanatory but for those not well-versed in Greek, a “Panacea” is a cure-all. Our aim is to take the fear of the IRS out of your mind. The name was later changed to TaxPanacea Associates LLC in 2011. The business began in a small home office in Montpelier, Vermont , then grew into larger spaces in Essex Junction and then Williston. Peggy is the founder and was the sole member until Melinda came on board in 2007. The business has continued to expand, with Kathy joining in 2013, and numerous interns and temporary employees contributing to the team. In 2020 we elected to give up the physical office space and went virtual.

Margaret A. Munro. E.A. (AKA Peggy)

Owner and Founder,
TaxPanacea LLC

Owner and Founder,
TaxPanacea LLC

It’s been quite a journey so far, from the days of working for Boston law firms as a tax specialist to my family’s move to Vermont and the start of TaxPanacea in 1999, the writing of many books concerning taxes and tax-related topics in the “For Dummies” series, and finally to my move to Grecia, Costa Rica in 2019.

Now, as I begin my fifth decade as a tax consultant, and my third decade as an Enrolled Agent, I do it surrounded by palm trees, coffee plantations and sugar cane fields. I love my life here in Costa Rica, but still have iron ties to the US, both family and professional. In many ways, I am living in the best of all possible worlds. I love meeting with my clients, both virtually and in person, and am still engaged in giving all my clients the best my long experience provides.

Office Manager

Melinda Campbell

Melinda Haskins

came to TaxPanacea in 2007. She is the X-factor that has spurred the dramatic growth of the business. Since joining, she has gained experience handling all sorts of returns ranging from individuals to fiduciaries and she is our resident payroll expert. As the office manager, her ability to keep everyone organized and on task (especially Peggy) continues to be the driving force that leads to the main sigh of relief at the end of every tax season.

Melinda is a great researcher, which helps immensely whenever a difficult question arises. She works closely with Peggy to help settle disputes with both the IRS and state and local tax agencies.

Business Manager

Jeremy Lesniak

Melinda Haskins

Our long-time IT consultant, Jeremy officially came on board as our business manager in 2020. He brings with him decades of business experience and is our go-to person whenever we have questions regarding technology. As we have moved our practice to an entirely virtual one, Jeremy has been instrumental in making sure that our security is as tight as we can make it, to make certain your records are safe from prying eyes.

Jeremy is a lifelong resident of northern New England and a martial arts enthusiast and practitioner.

Kathryn A. Murphy, Esq. (RIP)

Kathryn Murphy

Kathy and Peggy were long-time friends and colleagues from their days at Goulston & Storrs, P.C. and joined together to write Estate & Trust Administration for Dummies in 2008. Shortly after that, Kathy came to TaxPanacea as our legal expert, and soon after, as a shareholder in the firm. We sorely miss Kathy’s presence, counsel, and most of all, friendship.

She was a retired attorney with more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of estate planning and administration, including drafting of sophisticated estate plans and prenuptial agreements for high net worth individuals. She also administered many estates and trusts, both large and small, and prepared more than her fair share of estate and gift tax returns.

She graduated from The University of Michigan with an AB in English Language and Literature, received her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, and was a member of the Massachusetts Bar. She co-authored Taxation of Estates and Trusts (Michigan Continuing Legal Education), and Estate and Trust Administration (Michigan Continuing Legal Education), and Estate and Trust Administration for Dummies (Wiley, 2013). She also lectured on these topics for Michigan Continuing Legal Education. She’s been interviewed by the national media on financial and trust topics. Her writing is an outgrowth of two of her loves: literature and the law.



Official Greeter and all-around super-cool dude.


Angus Mor, our first office manager

In Memoriam, Angus Mor, our first office manager.