TaxPanacea Associates offers fiduciary services, tax return preparation and trust and estate management and administration for fiduciaries.

Trustee Services

TaxPanacea Associates LLC can serve as an independent fiduciary for your trust or estate. We are experienced in marshalling assests, preparing and paying any estate and/or gift tax returns, and making distributions to legatees, trust and estate income beneficiaries, and remaindermen.

Income Tax Preparation – Form 1041 and Form 5227

TaxPanacea Associates LLC specializes in the preparation of income tax returns, as well as all other ancillary filings, for trusts and estates, as well as dealing with questions from the IRS and state tax departments. We have experience in preparation of the decedent’s final Form 1040, as well as in post-mortem tax planning.

We also prepare Split-Interest Trust returns (Form 5227) for Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts, Charible Lead Unitrusts and Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts.

Charitable Foundations

TaxPanacea Associates LLC loves to work with families who like to give back. We prepare Form 990-PF for dozens of family foundations, and can assist you with obtaining tax-exempt status with the IRS. We also train family foundation trustees and directors in IRS compliance issues.

Other Fiduciary Services

TaxPanacea Associates LLC is able to prepare accountings for your trust or estate (whether or not you actually need to file one with the probate court).

We can also serve as your representative in case of an IRS or state tax audit for any sort of fiduciary (executor, trustee, administrator, personal representative, guardian, or conservator).