Updated Thoughts on COVID-19

Jeremy LesniakMisc. WritingLeave a Comment

I sit at my desk, barely an hour from Vermont’s Governor, Phil Scott, announcing that our stay-at-home directive has been extended another month. While I think few of us in the state expected that the April 15th date would stand without adjustment, it’s still grim news. It’s a case of the reality being exactly what you imagined, and, yet, still … Read More


Margaret Atkins MunroMisc. WritingLeave a Comment

After many years of planning, my husband and I scaled down, decluttered, and moved to Costa Rica with our dog and cat four months ago. This has been a transformational move for both of us. Since we’ve been here, we’re eating better, sleeping more restfully, losing weight, and generally enjoying life. We’ve landed in Paradise. Yes, serpents exist, both literal … Read More